Have you ever

thought to yourself

Girl in a jacket I wonder if they'd make this
decision if it were their business
and their money on the line?
Girl in a jacket

At 7 Mile Media we believe that education is the fastest way to change the world. We help our clients strategically bring their message to the masses through multi-channel marketing, expert consulting and compelling creative.

And we wake up every day prepared to treat our clients' business and their money, as if it is our own.

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What To Expect

Highly Targeted Traffic

We’ll set up ads that attract high quality leads into your business. You’ll have access to our professional team of tech & funnel experts, as well as our in-house team of copywriters. Together we’ll turn your leads into consistent, predictable, and measurable new customers for your business.

New Customers & Clients

We’ll help you create a data-based marketing channel of strategic offers, upsells, downsells, cross-sells, and more. This way you’re not only maximizing your customer’s Lifetime Value or LTV (one of the many metrics we track for you), but you’re also solving as many of their problems as possible - which creates massive goodwill for your business!

Tracking & Optimizing

Great marketing isn’t built by luck. It’s assembled through tweaking, testing, and (most importantly) driven by data, numbers, metrics - you know, the boring stuff! We take care of all of it for you so you can focus on growing your business, not just working IN it.

Who We Serve

Our focus is helping experts in their fields break free from the norms and elevate to a new level. Through genuine human connections, we aim to use education-based marketing to transform not just brands, but lives. We champion the relentless spirit that seeks more - more knowledge, more growth, and more impact. In every endeavor, our vision remains steadfast: to use our expertise to illuminate pathways for others to create freedom and live their most authentic and accomplished lives.

What We Do

Every decision, every strategy, is made with a simple guiding principle: What would we do if it were our business and our money on the line?

We focus on understanding first, diagnosing second, and leading third. It's the unique blend of a people-first focus combined with a confidence in our expertise that defines who we are at 7MM and is reflected in both our brand's imagery and tone.

Our Process:

Step 1:

Meet with one of our advisors to determine the ideal growth strategy.

Step 2:

Meet our friendly onboarding team so we can access all your amazing collateral.

Step 3:

Audit your current marketing strategy and create a 12-month marketing plan to integrate all the missing elements, according to the 7 Mile Method

Step 4:

Strategize and build your tech and creative assets, using KPI driven financial model to ensure profitability.

Step 5:

Test for 30 days to establish baseline KPIs, followed by a scaling of winning campaigns based on the 12-month marketing plan

Who We Are

Our company is shaped by the talented people who make up our team. We are a tight-knit group of individuals confident in our expertise, professional in our communication, and collaborative in our approach. When it comes to our clients, our methodology is underpinned by an 'ownership' mentality.

Our foundation is built upon steadfast values: cooperation that fosters innovation, strong character that demands exceptional care for our clients and each other, and an unwavering commitment to see our clients win. By choosing 7 Mile Media, clients don't just receive a service; they join a community of experts who are driven by data, motivated by amazing outcomes, and, above all, dedicated to seeing our clients succeed.

Our Core Media Channels

Our Core Media Channels

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